Fact Sheet

Frequently asked questions about renewing your license.

Late Renewal FAQ’s?
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What happens if I don’t renew before my license expiration date?
If the end of my renewal month falls on a weekend or holiday, when must my application be filed to avoid a lapse in licensure?
May I have my late fee waived if I renewed late, due to not receiving my renewal notice on time?
Can I get an extension on my license renewal?
After I file my late renewal application, will I be able to hire online?

Renewal FAQ’s?

How do I renew online?
What does it cost to renew my license?
What renewal form do I use?
If I filed for license renewal using the Online System, why doesn’t it show that it’s renewed?
Where do I renew my license?
What do I provide to my broker as proof that I filed an application?
How can I receive a renewal reminder that my license is expiring soon?
License Renewal Checklist

Continuing Education Questions?

What is a “CE period?”
When can I enter CE online?
Now that I have entered my CE credits is my license renewed?
Can I use my broker pre-license education for renewal CE?
What do I need to enter my CE credits?
Can I renew my license without submitting my CE credits?
Can I take online classes in one day and complete all the required classes?
What happens if I make a mistake while entering information about my courses?
What if I enter information for a class I did not really attend?
I only do commercial business. Do I need to take a Fair Housing class?
I took a “segmented” course that covers more than one category. Can I enter it twice?
I entered more than 24 credits but when I go to “Check Status” I only see 24 credits reflected. Why?
Will my classes appear on the Public Database information on the website?
After I complete my CE for one period can I start classes for the next CE period?